For a life in flow

Yoga - for a life in flow

In presence, stillness and flow, I offer a soft and dynamic yoga that invites relaxation and contact. Through a balanced class, you are guided to listen to your inner voice and your body's needs and daily form. The class' balance between movement and stillness gives you useful tools for a life in flow, as well as a calm and harmonious moment in a warm and relaxing environment.

Begin your journey with me

You, who choose to book a session with me, are open and curious about your own development, you have a longing and are ready to look inward and meet yourself. Ready to choose "something more", without necessarily knowing what this "more" is.

Welcome to explore a richer life, a life in flow, together with me.

Enter your details below and I will contact you so we can book an appointment. You can also book an appointment by calling me on +4670 666 96 78.