Release Party

For a life in flow

Release Party – for a life in flow

  • Do you long to be more present and in touch with your emotions?
  • Do you long to let go of what has been and make room for something new?
  • Do you long for a freer life in presence and acceptance?
  • Do you long to feel more alive? 
  • Do you long for a life in flow?

Release Party is the space where all emotions are welcome, where everything that is allowed to be. Where you, in a calm and safe environment, get the opportunity to explore and get acquainted with emotions. Where both stored and new emotions are welcomed and allowed to take place. Where emotions are invited to be experienced exactly as they are. Where they are given space to be free.

Through guided breathing, movement and presence, we invite, explore and release emotions. The emotions that are here and now and the emotions that are stored in the body from before. The emotions that are ready to come to the surface, make themselves heard, get a voice, an expression.

You participate fully on your terms, at the pace that is right for you here and now. Your body sets the pace, it is your body that controls.

Release Party - the space where everything can be and everything is perfect just the way it is.


Release Party is conducted in groups or as an individual session.  

Exercises in silence alternate with moments in motion. Everything based on your conditions, your body, your longing. 

Each class focuses on a certain feeling such as joy, sadness, anger, fear, love, gratitude… The theme thus varies from class to class.

Soft, comfortable clothes - such as training pants and a top / t-shirt - are preferred. Feel free to bring an extra sweater that you can use during the relaxation if you feel frozen. Any jewelry can be nice to take off before class. 

Immediately after class, it can, if possible, be nice to have no commitments. To give the body space to digest, to follow its longing, its rhythm. There and then.

Begin your journey with me

You, who choose to book a session with me, are open and curious about your own development, you have a longing and are ready to look inward and meet yourself. Ready to choose "something more", without necessarily knowing what this "more" is.

Welcome to explore a richer life, a life in flow, together with me.

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