Life Therapy®

For a life in flow

Life Therapy® – for a life in flow

Do you have a stressed nervous system? Do you wrestle with destructive mental patterns? Do you feel low on energy? Do you feel exhausted? Do you have a feeling that you are stuck? … Or maybe you are already feeling well, but long for "something more"?

Would you like to help your stressed system to relax? Invite your tired body to rest and heal? Do you want to strengthen your self-esteem and increase respect and love for yourself? Do you want to gather your energies and raise your energy level? Do you want to feel stronger and more present in your body? Do you long to develop and to be more of yourself?

Then you have found the right place! With LIFE Therapy® we can work with all of this.

LIFE Therapy® is a mind-expanding body treatment that focuses on the wholeness. That everything is connected and that a life in well-being runs out of a wholeness. By working with the physical and mental as well as the spiritual and emotional, completely new conditions are created for well-being and change. LIFE Therapy® activates the body's own intelligence. The body's own ability to heal and recover.

The focus of the treatment is to, in a deeply relaxed state, activate the body's natural flow. Inviting the body to release blockages and destructive patterns - both physical and mental. To create space for more. To create space for a life in flow.

LIFE Therapy®…

Healing on the body's own conditions

In LIFE Therapy®, it is you, and your body's needs, that are in focus. The treatment takes place in dialogue and in harmony with your body, your needs, your longing. The healing and development that is activated takes place entirely on your terms. Based on this, there is no ONE way in which the treatment is performed or ONE way in which the treatment itself and subsequent healing is experienced.

Depending on what you carry with you - both physically and mentally - you will experience LIFE Therapy® in a completely unique way, a way that is yours. Regardless of your experience, a process of change is activated in your body and the healing, of who you are, takes off.

The feelings and experiences that are activated in connection with the treatment are for some, only "positive", pleasant and pleasant. For others, old wounds, memories, trauma and injuries, which you may no longer think existed, can initially be activated as part of the healing process.

The first time when the nervous system begins to heal can, in some cases, be intense, which can mean a feeling of deep fatigue. It is the body's way of expressing a need for stillness and space for healing. Listen to your body and the signals it gives. Support and allow what is happening to happen. Fatigue will pass, it is completely normal and part of the holistic healing process.

The process will take place at the pace that your body is ready for. Your body sets the pace, it is your body that controls. Sometimes it can feel like it's not happening fast enough or that it's going faster than you feel ready for in your mind. Trust your body - that things happen when it is ready.

A treatment in three steps

The initial Life Therapy® treatment is carried out in three steps, consisting of an initial conversation on the phone, a physical meeting with body treatment and a follow-up call on the phone.

At the initial conversation, I as a therapist and you as a client, agree on the current situation, expectations, focus areas and prepare for step 2 - the body treatment. The second step is full focus on the body treatment itself. This step includes a two-hour treatment, where you as a client lie on a massage table. During the follow-up interview, the process continues with reflection, questions and dialogue about the way forward.

The arrangement in three parts is to create the best possible conditions for you, your desire and your longing. To create space for "more". For a life in flow.

The initial treatment can, if desired, be followed by additional LIFE Therapy® treatments. These take place as separate occasions of 1-2 hours based on agreement when booking. In harmony with your body, your needs, your longing.

At the treatment, soft, comfortable clothes without buckles or hard details are preferable. Any necklaces or earrings are advantageously removed before the treatment. 

Immediately after the body treatment, it can, if possible, be nice not to have any commitments. To give the body space to digest, to follow its longing, its rhythm. There and then.

Begin your journey with me

You, who choose to book a session with me, are open and curious about your own development, you have a longing and are ready to look inward and meet yourself. Ready to choose "something more", without necessarily knowing what this "more" is.

Welcome to explore a richer life, a life in flow, together with me.

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