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a Life in flow

a Life in flow

Imagine that you are sitting safely and relaxed in a small rowing boat on a calm and quiet river. The sun pleasantly warms your skin, a soft breeze caresses your cheek, the birds sing and the lush river bank embraces you at a comfortable distance on both sides of the river.

Feel how you slowly, effortlessly and softly, glide forward with the stream. How it feels easy, how you are safe and relaxed. How your body is filled with joy, warmth and a soft feeling of peace.

A bit further down the river, the water flows a little faster, there are rocks, and it gets a little shaky. You've been to places like this before and you feel safe. Instead of trying to row upstream and fight against the flow, you relax. You take a deep breath, looking with curiosity at the rocks that passes. Experience the rapids with attention and openness. You trust the river, you trust the flow.

The small rapids and the passage with stones pass and you are again on calmer water. Still in flow, on a journey through life. On your way forward with ease and in flow.

Let go and flow with the stream

Living a life in flow is about letting go, and being willing to float downstream. To be willing to look attentively, bravely and curiously at the stones that lie in the rapids. Stones in the form of the wounds and obstacles that are a part of life. To meet what is, with openness, self-love and acceptance. To stop fighting upstream. To be willing to glide into your flow.

To make new choices in presence, love and permission. Choose new paths. Be willing to look at and let go of old wounds, break old patterns. Make room for new. Provide space for simplicity, for flow, for joy and peace.

To choose new

Depending on where you are and what you have in your luggage, the starting point for your particular life in flow can look different. You can already be in a comfortable flow, with few rock sections and soft rapids. Or are you stuck with a feeling of not moving on? Are you perhaps on a journey filled with boulders, as big as mountains, with a journey that can almost be experienced as rafting - you long for peace? Are you in a completely different place or somewhere in between…?

No matter where you are, change is just a choice away. You can change your life, choose a life in flow. The choice is yours. Only you can choose new!

Life in flow - energy

Fundamental to life in flow is energy (the current in the rapids). Without energy, there is no progress. Whether you are in a comfortable place or in the middle of something you want to change, progress is needed to not stagnate, to move on.

Energy can be generated in many different ways - by creating a life where you thrive and feel good. By spending time in the woods, nature. By finding the opportunities and tools that fill your life with energy. Energy to create flow.

Life in flow - mental patterns

Depending on which filters, based on which "truths" and with which "programs" you live your life, your life and well-being are affected.

This is not about "positive" or "negative" thinking (although it can also come into play), but about the deep-rooted patterns that lie in our subconscious, from which we live our lives. Only 2-5% of our lives take place based on our conscious mind and the remaining 95-98% take place in our subconscious. Many of the patterns we wear and live our lives from, are thus stored and act entirely from our subconscious. To create change in our lives, it is these patterns and truths that need to be changed - erased, replaced with new ones.

With mental patterns, such as "life is tough", "life is unfair", "money comes through hard work", "ease and happiness are for others, not for me", "I am not worthy of love", the pleasant and smooth journey downstream is counteracted and hindered. These "truths" make us row and fight upstream. We consume energy to fight the current.

By replacing your counter-current "programs" with new patterns, such as "Life is easy", "I am loved", "I am safe", "I am worthy" you can instead float with the current, let go and enjoy the journey.

Life in flow - physical and emotional blockages

A life in stress, with denied and suppressed emotions, leaves an impression on both our emotional and our physical body. Emotions that, at the moment or at a later chosen opportunity are not expressed, are stored as an energy knot / blockage. Blockages that create disturbances in the flow. Blockages that limit or stop the body's natural energy flow. Blockages that in the long run can turn into physical imbalance and pain.

The way to heal emotional blockages is to, in presence, feel the emotions that exist - new as well as old. Allow the emotions to take place, to be lived out, to flow through you, to be released and thereby remove its charge and reduce its space. By letting go of old feelings, which have taken up space and held you back, you can create space for expansion, for new, for you to be you.

Our physical bodies have an amazing ability to heal imbalances themselves. Through flow, relaxation, permissiveness and calm, the body can often, on its own, dissolve the physical stagnation that has occurred.

Each journey is individual and only you know what is true for you and what exactly your body needs.

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