Emmy Pinzke

a Life in flow

Life is for living. Living fully. Living on all levels, in its full glory.

Life is for feeling, exploring, experiencing and enjoying. In presence and in connection.

Welcome to explore a richer life, a life in flow, together with me.

– Emmy Pinzke

Life Therapy® – for a life in flow

Do you have a stressed nervous system? Do you wrestle with destructive mental patterns? Do you feel low on energy? Do you feel exhausted? Do you have a feeling that you are stuck? … Or maybe you are already feeling well, but long for "something more"?

LIFE Therapy® is a mind-expanding body treatment that focuses on the wholeness. That everything is connected and that a life in well-being runs out of a wholeness. By working with the physical and mental as well as the spiritual and emotional, completely new conditions are created for well-being and change. LIFE Therapy® activates the body's own intelligence. The body's own ability to heal and recover.

Expand with Emmy Pinzke – för ett liv i flöde

Do you long to be more present and in touch with your emotions? Do you long to let go of what has been and make room for something new? Do you long for a freer life in presence and acceptance? Do you long to feel alive? Do you long for a life in flow?

Release Party – for a life in flow

Release Party is the space where all emotions are welcome, where everything is allowed to be. Where you, in a calm and safe environment, get the opportunity to explore and get acquainted with emotions - both stored and new. Where emotions are invited to be present and experienced just as they are. Where emotions can flow, take place and be free.

About me

My name is Emmy Pinzke and I am a pleasure seeker and emotional adventurer. I love meeting myself and others in what is "true", by being present and in contact with what is, in contact with the present and in contact with myself. In flow. I am passionate about a constant desire to deepen, expand and explore. By being inspired, inspire others and with a deep belief that we all have all the answers we need within ourselves. 

I am driven by "together" and often see how the meeting with others can be the gate / mirror to the meeting with myself, the meeting with my emotional blockages, my emotional "wounds". Expansion takes place through the meeting with myself, through the meeting with others.

Pregnancy Yoga 50h, Yogayama Teacher Training®, 2015 ♥ Access Consciousness® - Access the Bars®, Sanna Jonsson, 2016 ♥ Yoga Teacher 200h, Axelson Institute, 2019 ♥ The School of Womanly Arts - Mastery, Regena Thomashauer, 2019 ♥ LIFE Therapy®, 2020 .

Welcome to explore a richer life, a life in flow, together with me.

Jag tar emot klienter i Eskilstuna.

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